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     Welcome to the website honoring the sport of snipe hunting. There is no finer, more challenging, or more historically revered game bird to be found. While hunting snipe is not as popular in the United States as the rest of the world, there is a small but dedicated group of snipe hunters here in North America. Compared with the number of snipe shot in the United States in the late nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century the number today is very small. Before we had regulations including closed seasons and bag limits many days were recorded with two to three hundred or more birds shot. After the great depression market hunting was banned in this country and in 1941 snipe were given total protection from hunting. Prior to that shorebirds and wading birds were shot in such numbers that it resulted in some being reduced to near extinction. When the populations rebounded a shooting season for snipe was established in 1953. However, by that time most American hunters had lost interest in pursuing this once heralded game bird.

    Part of what makes hunting snipe so enjoyable for me is using lightweight guns that seem perfectly suited for hunting them. Hip waders and a few miles of walking through a muddy marsh can make carrying a heavy gun very unpleasant. I don't take the little guns to the duck blind where recoil from heavy loads would be punishing, but they are just the ticket when hunting snipe for the same reason they work well on quail and other small game birds that are flushed and shot at close range. Perhaps a few more people will become interested in snipe hunting after visiting this website and discover that a snipe hunt is much more than a prank involving a burlap bag and flashlight.

    Below you can see a collage of a few of my hunting pictures. Please visit the other pages for more hunting pictures and information on snipe hunting as well as other issues that should be of importance to hunters. Welcome to the world of snipe hunting! May God Bless.

God Bless America!

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